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There is no bank and no ATM in Drake Bay. We highly  recommend to bringh enough CASH (colones or dolars) for your stay. The payment with credit card has a variable % banking fee on top in the most of hotels and establishments. Your last chance to withdraw cash would be Palmar Norte.

Drake Bay has 2 seasons: the dry (Dec-May) and the rainy (May-Dec). During dry season don't use to rain and the temperature is around 25 to 34ºC, the relative humidity is high. During rainy season could rain in any moment but usually rains in the afternoon or at night so visitors still enjoy sunny mornings on the beach and tours during the daytime . The temperature is around 24 to 32ºC and the relative humidity is very high.

Due to the high humidity of the area we recommend to bring light clothes and towels fast drying. The technical sportwear make of synthetisc fibers usually works very well.

Drake has a small clinic for basic treatment with limited schedule (7 to 16h) and closed at weekend (except for emergencies). Altought you can get some basic drugs in the stores we recomend to bring your own kit with the specific medicines you could need.

Drake Bay is one of the most isolated and therefore attractive areas of Costa Rica. Therefore, in rainy season we may suffer blackouts due to damage caused by falling trees. That repair can take from several minutes to several hours. If this happens, enjoy one of the most starry skies in the world.

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